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LevyBooks is run by Lisa, a freelance bookkeeper who specialises in helping small businesses with their cash flow.

Business owners are often running around with day-to-day operations and targeting their focus elsewhere, leaving very little time for developing their business. Everyone can input figures and receipts to their chosen software but what does that mean for your business? Are you maximizing it's potential? Do you have a plan for growth and development? The answer is often a resounding no.

Understanding your numbers is a crucial part of this development.

It's not just about using the same business model year after year or putting your annual accounts together with no idea what they actually mean. It's having the ability and room for continuous growth, with a clear plan and understanding ahead of you.

Which is why we do what we do; we understand that every business owner is at a different stage in their development and requires different services. LevyBooks provides tailor-made accountancy services to suit your business's needs and keep your cash flowing.

Lisa Donlevy

Lisa Donlevy
Owner of LevyBooks

Hi I’m Lisa Donlevy! I’m a married Mum to two grown sons, an active member of the gym, and a crime novel enthusiast!


I’m interested in my family history and have traced back the social history to 1600’s.  I also enjoy weekly runs along the seafront with my niece (living by the sea has its advantages!)

Having been on the pitch at weekends for about 15 years and being married to a Wolves supporter I have defaulted as a football spectator; I do know the off-side rule although VAR may disagree!

I’ve been a bookkeeper for the past 13 years, and after working in finance as a small business adviser for a major bank, pension review consultant, part of the HMRC team for tax credits, and an accountancy practice bookkeeper, I decided to continue my adventure on my own, thus LevyBooks was born.


I’m licensed with AAT and ICB in addition to having a banking degree and I am focused on assisting small businesses in keeping their finances in order.

I’m passionate about numbers and love being part of the journey for my clients.

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